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agriconnect / Brotli   python

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/ brotli.py

# Copyright 2016 The Brotli Authors. All rights reserved.
# Distributed under MIT license.
# See file LICENSE for detail or copy at https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

"""Functions to compress and decompress data using the Brotli library."""

import _brotli

# The library version.
__version__ = _brotli.__version__

# The compression mode.

# The Compressor object.
Compressor = _brotli.Compressor

# The Decompressor object.
Decompressor = _brotli.Decompressor

# Compress a byte string.
def compress(string, mode=MODE_GENERIC, quality=11, lgwin=22, lgblock=0):
    """Compress a byte string.

      string (bytes): The input data.
      mode (int, optional): The compression mode can be MODE_GENERIC (default),
        MODE_TEXT (for UTF-8 format text input) or MODE_FONT (for WOFF 2.0).
      quality (int, optional): Controls the compression-speed vs compression-
        density tradeoff. The higher the quality, the slower the compression.
        Range is 0 to 11. Defaults to 11.
      lgwin (int, optional): Base 2 logarithm of the sliding window size. Range
        is 10 to 24. Defaults to 22.
      lgblock (int, optional): Base 2 logarithm of the maximum input block size.
        Range is 16 to 24. If set to 0, the value will be set based on the
        quality. Defaults to 0.

      The compressed byte string.

      brotli.error: If arguments are invalid, or compressor fails.
    compressor = Compressor(mode=mode, quality=quality, lgwin=lgwin,
    return compressor.process(string) + compressor.finish()

# Decompress a compressed byte string.
decompress = _brotli.decompress

# Raised if compression or decompression fails.
error = _brotli.error