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agriconnect / aiohttp   python

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/ web_server.py

"""Low level HTTP server."""
import asyncio
from typing import Any, Awaitable, Callable, Dict, List, Optional  # noqa

from .abc import AbstractStreamWriter
from .helpers import get_running_loop
from .http_parser import RawRequestMessage
from .streams import StreamReader
from .web_protocol import RequestHandler, _RequestFactory, _RequestHandler
from .web_request import BaseRequest

__all__ = ('Server',)

class Server:

    def __init__(self,
                 handler: _RequestHandler,
                 request_factory: Optional[_RequestFactory]=None,
                 loop: Optional[asyncio.AbstractEventLoop]=None,
                 **kwargs: Any) -> None:
        self._loop = get_running_loop(loop)
        self._connections = {}  # type: Dict[RequestHandler, asyncio.Transport]
        self._kwargs = kwargs
        self.requests_count = 0
        self.request_handler = handler
        self.request_factory = request_factory or self._make_request

    def connections(self) -> List[RequestHandler]:
        return list(self._connections.keys())

    def connection_made(self, handler: RequestHandler,
                        transport: asyncio.Transport) -> None:
        self._connections[handler] = transport

    def connection_lost(self, handler: RequestHandler,
                        exc: Optional[BaseException]=None) -> None:
        if handler in self._connections:
            del self._connections[handler]

    def _make_request(self, message: RawRequestMessage,
                      payload: StreamReader,
                      protocol: RequestHandler,
                      writer: AbstractStreamWriter,
                      task: 'asyncio.Task[None]') -> BaseRequest:
        return BaseRequest(
            message, payload, protocol, writer, task, self._loop)

    async def shutdown(self, timeout: Optional[float]=None) -> None:
        coros = [conn.shutdown(timeout) for conn in self._connections]
        await asyncio.gather(*coros, loop=self._loop)

    def __call__(self) -> RequestHandler:
        return RequestHandler(self, loop=self._loop, **self._kwargs)