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showbox-public / libmediainfo-doc   deb

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/ usr / share / doc / libmediainfo-doc / examples / HowToUse.cpp

/*  Copyright (c) MediaArea.net SARL. All Rights Reserved.
 *  Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can
 *  be found in the License.html file in the root of the source tree.

// Example for MediaInfoLib
// Command line version

#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include "ZenLib/Ztring.h" //Note : I need it for universal atoi, but you have not to use it for be able to use MediaInfoLib
#include "MediaInfo/MediaInfo.h"

using namespace MediaInfoLib;
using namespace ZenLib;

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
    //Information about MediaInfo
    MediaInfo MI;
    ZenLib::Ztring To_Display=MI.Option(__T("Info_Version"), __T(";MediaInfoDLL_Example_MSVC;")).c_str();

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nInfo_Parameters\r\n");
    To_Display += MI.Option(__T("Info_Parameters")).c_str();

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nInfo_Capacities\r\n");
    To_Display += MI.Option(__T("Info_Capacities")).c_str();

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nInfo_Codecs\r\n");
    To_Display += MI.Option(__T("Info_Codecs")).c_str();

    //An example of how to use the library
    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nOpen\r\n");

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nInform with Complete=false\r\n");
    To_Display += MI.Inform().c_str();

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nInform with Complete=true\r\n");
    MI.Option(__T("Complete"), __T("1"));
    To_Display += MI.Inform().c_str();

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nCustom Inform\r\n");
    MI.Option(__T("Inform"), __T("General;Example : FileSize=%FileSize%"));
    To_Display += MI.Inform().c_str();

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nGet with Stream=General and Parameter=\"FileSize\"\r\n");
    To_Display += MI.Get(Stream_General, 0, __T("FileSize"), Info_Text, Info_Name).c_str();

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nGetI with Stream=General and Parameter=46\r\n");
    To_Display += MI.Get(Stream_General, 0, 46, Info_Text).c_str();

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nCount_Get with StreamKind=Stream_Audio\r\n");
    To_Display += ZenLib::Ztring::ToZtring(MI.Count_Get(Stream_Audio, -1)); //Warning : this is an integer

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nGet with Stream=General and Parameter=\"AudioCount\"\r\n");
    To_Display += MI.Get(Stream_General, 0, __T("AudioCount"), Info_Text, Info_Name).c_str();

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nGet with Stream=Audio and Parameter=\"StreamCount\"\r\n");
    To_Display += MI.Get(Stream_Audio, 0, __T("StreamCount"), Info_Text, Info_Name).c_str();

    To_Display += __T("\r\n\r\nClose\r\n");


    return 0;