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enigma2-plugin-extensions-advancedquickbutton   deb

Advanced Quickbutton assign remote keys to own commands

enigma2-plugin-extensions-channelselectionplus   deb

ChannelSelection Plus new Options for the ServiceList

enigma2-plugin-extensions-githubpluginupdater   deb

Github PluginUpdater Enigma2 Plugin to Update Plugins from github

enigma2-plugin-extensions-multiepgmv   deb

MultiEPG Vali-Mod a better GraphMultiEPG for DreamOS

enigma2-plugin-extensions-pluginbrowsericons   deb

PluginBrowserIcons Plugin show your own Plugin-Icons in the Plugin Browser

enigma2-plugin-extensions-samsungvolumeremote   deb

Samsung Volume-Remote control the Samsung TV-Volume via the TV-webinterface

enigma2-plugin-extensions-settingscleaner   deb

Settings Cleaner clean settings from your enigma2 settings file

enigma2-plugin-extensions-skinreloader   deb

Skin Reloader reload/change a skin without restarting enigma2

enigma2-plugin-extensions-startuptoidle   deb

Startup ToIdle advanced plugin to startup to idle mode

enigma2-plugin-extensions-svenhfeedplugin   deb

SvenH Feed-Plugin plugin to manage all plugins from SvenH-Feed

enigma2-plugin-extensions-testplugin   deb

Test Plugin only a testplugin with no function - not install!!

enigma2-plugin-extensions-updatecheck   deb

Update Check show a message if feed updates are avaible

enigma2-skin-metrixstylehd   deb

Skin MetrixStyleHD HD-Skin for DreamOS with settings for colors and style option…