Cloud Package Repository
Install and use your code anywhere

Gemfury is a hosted repository for your public and private packages, where they are safe and within reach.

Install them to any machine in minutes without worrying about running and securing your own repository server.


Customers love Gemfury

༺staugaard༻: Gemfury is pretty awesome for private ruby gems. Super simple!
Michael Gorsuch: If any of you all have ever needed a private gem server, you should really consider using @gemfury. They have been fantastic.
Brian Moseley: Rubyists, if you need a place to host custom-built gems, Gemfury is the shit! Super simple!
Fredrik Björk: Gemfury: Finally private gem hosting! Super simple!

What is Gemfury?

Hosted service for your private and public packages to simplify your deployment and distribution story. Once you upload your packages and enable your Gemfury repository, you can securely deploy any package to any host. It's simple, reliable, and hassle-free.

Seamless integration

Gemfury works with RubyGems, Python packages, npm modules, and all compatible frameworks and services.

Secure installation

Authenticated Repo-URL keeps your private packages safe and secure during deployment. All management and deployment is done over SSL.


Do everything you need with just a few terminal commands. We are hackers and love command-line; this one is our favorite.

Collaborate with your team

Gemfury is designed for teams. Share your account with coworkers and let them easily access your packages.