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agriconnect / aiohttp   python

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/ locks.py

import asyncio
import collections
from typing import Any, Optional

    from typing import Deque
except ImportError:
    from typing_extensions import Deque  # noqa

class EventResultOrError:
    This class wrappers the Event asyncio lock allowing either awake the
    locked Tasks without any error or raising an exception.

    thanks to @vorpalsmith for the simple design.
    def __init__(self, loop: asyncio.AbstractEventLoop) -> None:
        self._loop = loop
        self._exc = None  # type: Optional[BaseException]
        self._event = asyncio.Event(loop=loop)
        self._waiters = collections.deque()  # type: Deque[asyncio.Future[Any]]

    def set(self, exc: Optional[BaseException]=None) -> None:
        self._exc = exc

    async def wait(self) -> Any:
        waiter = self._loop.create_task(self._event.wait())
            val = await waiter

        if self._exc is not None:
            raise self._exc

        return val

    def cancel(self) -> None:
        """ Cancel all waiters """
        for waiter in self._waiters: