Configure APK for your repository

You can configure APK to use your Gemfury repository. To start, append your repository URL to the /etc/apk/repositories file. You may need sudo access to make these changes:

Append the following line to /etc/apk/repositories:

Or run this “one-liner”:

$ echo "" >> /etc/apk/repositories

Your repository is signed with an RSA key, which you will download to apk’s /etc/apk/keys/ directory of trusted public keys. The key filename, which varies based on the key ID, can be found via your Dashboard:

$ curl > /etc/apk/keys/

Access your private repository

You can access your private APK packages by enabling authentication to your repository. To do this, use the following URL in /etc/apk/repositories:

Keep your credentials file secure by setting the repositories file to be readable only by the system user you intend to use to run APK. Typically, this is root.

With the authentication configured, you can install private APK packages from your Gemfury account.