Configure APT for your repository

You can configure APT to use your Gemfury repository. To start, create a fury.list file in the /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory. You will need sudo access to make these changes:

Here is a basic template for /etc/apt/sources.list.d/fury.list:

deb * *

Or run this “one-liner”:

$ echo "deb * *" > \

Your repository is signed with Gemfury’s GPG key, which you will have to add to your system’s list of trusted keys:

$ curl | sudo apt-key add -

Access your private repository

You can access your private DEB packages, but enabling authentication to your repository. To do this, add the following entry to /etc/apt/auth.conf file or create fury.conf inside /etc/apt/auth.conf.d directory.

The entry will appear as follows:

  login USERNAME
  password TOKEN

Keep your credentials file secure by setting it to be readable only by the system user you intend to use to run APT. Typically, this is root.

With the authentication configured, you can install private packages as you normally would using APT. Learn more about APT authentication here.

Requires APT version 0.7.25 or later. Please note that APT will ignore auth.conf config entirely if the password is omitted or left blank.