Getting started on Gemfury with Go Modules

Upload your Go module

Now that you have the structure of your Go module in place, you can push it into your Gemfury account.

Git push

To upload a module to your account, use the Git builder:

# Initial one-time setup
$ git remote add fury

# Push to build a new version
$ git push fury master
Username for '': <Your personal username>
Password for '': <Your personal password>

The USERNAME in the path of your repository URL is the destination of the build, however, the username and password for authentication are your credentials. Usually the former is your team account, and the latter is a personal one.


Go Modules are versioned with Semantic Versioning scheme derived from the tags of your Git repo. To release a new version, create a tag and push it:

$ git tag v1.1.8
$ git push --tags fury master

Git builder always builds the tip of master. If the tip is not tagged, Gemfury will automatically generate a prerelease version of your package.