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aio-grab   deb

AiO Screengrabber for Dreambox Set-Top-Boxes Screen grabber for Dreambox Set-Top…

enigma2-plugin-extensions-7days   deb

7-Days Recording

enigma2-plugin-extensions-adrenalin   deb

Adrenalin Cache Memory cache for your Harddisk

enigma2-plugin-extensions-audioselectionplus   deb

Audio-Selection Plus Enhancement Plugin for Enigma2 audio selection

enigma2-plugin-extensions-autodimm   deb

Auto Dimm OLED/LCD Autodimm Plugin dimming Display after few seconds

enigma2-plugin-extensions-autopin   deb

Auto Pin automatic PIN entry and enhanced CI assignment

enigma2-plugin-extensions-b00k   deb

B00K Reader

enigma2-plugin-extensions-barryallen   deb

Barry Allen Multiboot for DreamOS

enigma2-plugin-extensions-black   deb

BlackOut TV Plugin for enigma2

enigma2-plugin-extensions-blockcontent   deb

Block Content

enigma2-plugin-extensions-bwmon   deb

Bandwith Monitor

enigma2-plugin-extensions-crush   deb

Crush Crashdump-Fileviewer

enigma2-plugin-extensions-curtain   deb

Curtain Cinema Plugin to have cinema style curtains

enigma2-plugin-extensions-customsubservices   deb

Custom Subservices XML-based subservices switching

enigma2-plugin-extensions-daredevil   deb

Dare Devil Screen Content Reader plugin for enigma2

enigma2-plugin-extensions-darkshadow   deb

Dark Shadow Clone Backup

enigma2-plugin-extensions-dbackup   deb

dBackup Plugin direct backup and Flashing

enigma2-plugin-extensions-dvdcontroller   deb

DVD Controller

enigma2-plugin-extensions-epgdbbackup   deb

EPGDatabase Backup epg.db backup, restore and checking

enigma2-plugin-extensions-epgexport   deb

EPG Export Plugin to export your EPG as XMLTV file