Getting started on Gemfury with RubyGems

Upload your gem

Now that you have the structure of the RubyGem in place, you have a number of ways to upload it to your Gemfury account. You can use the Dashboard, cURL, the Gemfury CLI, or Git.

Pushing from terminal

You already have a prebuilt gem from the previous step, so let’s upload it directly from a terminal:

gem build GEM_NAME.gemspec
curl -F package=@GEM_NAME-0.1.0.gem

If you’ve installed the Gemfury CLI, you can also push with:

fury push GEM_NAME-0.1.0.gem --as USERNAME
Pushing from a browser

You can upload your gems via Gemfury Dashboard. Open the Upload dialog or just drag-and-drop your gems directly into the browser window.

Build from source with git push

This will create a directory GEM_NAME with the initial gem structure including the GEM_NAME.gemspec [specification][gemspec]. Take a look inside – it’s just a Ruby file.

Before you can build this gem, you will need to fill out the specification fields marked with TODO.

Once it’s ready, build it with the [gem] command:

gem build GEM_NAME.gemspec

Now you have a gem that you can install locally or upload into your Gemfury account.