Upload packages to Gemfury

Once you have signed up for a Gemfury account, you will want fill it with some code. You can use one of multiple ways to populate your repository:

From your Dashboard

The most straightforward way to add packages to your account is to visit your dashboard, hit the ”+Upload” button, and follow the directions. Gemfury will automatically recognize the format of your package and add it to your account.

Using Gemfury Command Line Interface

To install the Gemfury CLI, please run the following command:

$ sudo gem install gemfury

And subsequently upload packages with the fury push command:

$ fury push package-file-1.0.1.tgz

If you’re importing a lot of packages, we recommend the mass-upload command fury migrate that uploads all packages in a directory:

$ fury migrate ./package-store

To expand your command-line skills, refer to the Gemfury CLI docs.

Using cURL

To use this method, you will need use your Push-URL, which takes the following format:


To upload a single package, use the following command:

$ curl -F package=@<Package File> <Push-URL>

For example, uploading foo-0.0.2.gem will run like this:

$ curl -F package=@foo-0.0.2.gem https://TOKEN@push.fury.io/USERNAME/
~~> Processing package upload
    foo-0.0.2.gem ... ok

If you collaborate on a team account, you can upload packages to that account by using your personal secret token along with the team’s username in the URL:


Using Git

This method is only available for RubyGems, Node.js npm, PHP Composer, Bower, and Python PyPI packages.

To use this method, you will need to add Gemfury as a remote repository for your package:

$ git remote add fury https://git.fury.io/username/package-name.git

And upload the source content with:

$ git push fury master

Learn more about authenticating and uploading packages with Git to your Gemfury account