Authentication & access

To authenticate with your Gemfury login credentials, and save your access token locally to $HOME/.netrc, run the following command:

$ fury login
Please enter your Gemfury credentials.
Password: <hidden password>
You are logged in as "[USERNAME]"

Use of collaboration accounts

Once you have been added as a collaborator, you can perform Gem operations as the shared account via the --account flag option. For example, to upload a new Gem into the shared account:

$ fury push another-pkg-0.1.0.gem --account USERNAME

You can also used the shortened -a flag:

$ fury yank another-pkg -v 0.1.0 -a USERNAME
$ fury list -a USERNAME


To remove your Gemfury credentials, or to change the current user, delete lines from ~/.netrc file or run this command:

$ fury logout


If you’re looking to use the CLI in a headless environment (i.e. automation), you can use the --api-token flag to authenticate each command inline:

$ fury push package-1.0.0.gem --account ACCOUNT --api-token TOKEN

Using --api-token will not store your credentials locally.