Basic Usage

With the following commands, you can manage packages in your account:

Uploading packages

Uploading your packages is easy. Once you’ve installed the CLI, upload files to your account with:

$ fury push package-1.0.0.gem -a ACCOUNT

Listing packages

You can list the contents of your account with the following command, which will enumerate the names and details of all the packages in an account:

$ fury list -a ACCOUNT

And if you’d like to see all the versions of a particular package:

$ fury versions package-name -a ACCOUNT

Removing packages

If you’ve uploaded a buggy package or accidentally checked-in some secret credentials into your code, you can easily remove a package version from your account:

$ fury yank package-name -v 0.1.0 -a ACCOUNT

Naming conflicts

You may have packages with the same name, but of different kinds. This is often the case if you’d like to distribute your software via multiple channels (e.g. APT & RPM or npm & Bower). For this, you can add a KIND: prefix to the package name:

$ fury yank deb:package-name -v 0.1.0 -a ACCOUNT

This will work for all commands that accept a package name. You can find the kind specifier for a package on the dashboard, via list command, or the Package Types page.