Git Repositories

Gemfury supports storing and building packages from source with our Git repository and builder. These repositories are stored and managed separately from the built packages in your account.

You can list repositories of an account with:

$ fury git list -a ACCOUNT

Yanking a built package does not implicitly delete the source Git repository, which you can explicitly do with:

$ fury git reset repo-name -a ACCOUNT

But if you yanked a package by mistake and want to rebuild it, use git rebuild subcommand:

$ fury git rebuild repo-name -a ACCOUNT

You can also rename the repository:

$ fury git rename repo-name better-name -a ACCOUNT

Renaming a Gemfury repository will not implicitly update the [remote] entry in your project’s .git/config file. You can do so by running:

$ git remote set-url

If you need more control of your Git repos, please let us know.