Billing FAQ

Gemfury payment plans and billing is a “necessary evil to keep the lights on” for both our systems and our team. However, we don’t think that payments should get in the way of your and your team’s productivity. Therefore, all the account limits are soft and are passively enforced.

Billing process

Once your trial expires, you will be billed the plan rate monthly.

Billing problem resolution

If your account reaches a limit of your payment plan, or the account enters another problem state (eg. expired credit card), our billing system will gradually transition your account toward deactivation unless the account owner returns the account back to good standing:

  1. We will send three warning emails when a problem is detected with your account. These emails will be sent to the specified billing address, with the last warning also to be sent to all account owners.
  2. Account goes into Level 1 Suspension where all repositories are still active but new uploads are disabled.
  3. Account transitions to Level 2 Suspension where both uploads and downloads are disabled.
  4. Account is deactivated and marked for deletion.

Why was my charge declined?

Declines can happen due to a variety of reasons. Your bank makes an accept/decline decision for each charge based on many factors that may vary over time, and much of this is opaque to both Gemfury and our payment processor. To address this issue, we recommend one of the following options:

  • Try entering more information for this card by clicking “Having trouble with your card?”
  • Call your bank to preapprove current and future Gemfury charges.
  • Try a different credit card

Gemfury mailing address

Cloudfury LLC
113 Cherry St, #44311
Seattle, WA 98104

This document is subject to change within the scope of your agreement to Gemfury Terms of Service.