Installing private NuGet packages   βeta

Once you have signed up for a Gemfury account, you can upload and install NuGet packages.

Uploading packages

There are a few guides on the web about creating a NuGet package. Once you have the package file, you can use the Dashboard, command line, or cURL to upload it to your Gemfury account.

Your secret Repository URL

The secret repository URL is the NuGet endpoint for your Gemfury account and packages. Do not share this URL to keep your account private. Your Repo-URL has the following format:

Setting up Visual Studio with Gemfury

To install your packages, you’ll need to configure NuGet to access your Gemfury repository by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to Tools → Library Package Manager → Package Manager Settings
  2. Select Package Manager → Package Sources in the navigation tree
  3. Enter “Gemfury” into the Name field and your NuGet Repo-URL into the Source field, and press Add
  4. (Optional) Use the arrow buttons to move the “Gemfury” source to the first spot to prioritize your packages over the ones in the public repository.

Using NuGet.exe command line tool with Gemfury

Append the -Source option to your NuGet.exe commands to access your private packages in Gemfury:

NuGet.exe <command> -Source

List the current versions for your private packages:

NuGet.exe list -Source

Install a package:

NuGet.exe install ZeroClipboard -Source

βeta notes

Currently, Gemfury does not support NuGet's search or pre-release capabilities via the -Filter and -Prerelease options in the NuGet.exe or Package Manager Console. Please contact us if this limits your ability to use Gemfury with your project.