Organization accounts

If you plan to use Gemfury as a team, you can create and use a separate Organization account to easily manage and share packages. Although, with your personal account, you can still use it with a few colleagues.

Organization accounts are specifically tailored for team and business collaboration with the following features:

  • Multi-ownership for shared account administration
  • Extended or custom collaborator permissions
  • Separate email address for billing receipts
  • Collaboration-friendly pricing

Creating an Organization account

To allow fine-grained access control and audit, Organization accounts do not support direct login with a password (both in Dashboard and in CLI). But rather can only be accessed through each collaborator’s personal account, using Gemfury’s collaboration platform.

Thus, to create and manage your new Organization, you will first need to log in to your personal account or create a new one. This account will act as the owner of the Organization. Once you have your personal account, you may create your organization and invite collaborators to join.

Organization ownership and access

Unlike personal accounts, organizations are not accessed directly via a password login, but rather by using Gemfury’s collaboration platform. You will perform operations on the Organization account by using your personal account as a collaborator.

All the settings for the account can be managed by the collaborators who have the Owner permission. Billing (including receipts and invoices), collaboration, and other settings for an Organization are standalone, separate from the personal accounts of the owners.

Accessing Organizations on the Dashboard

Log in to your personal account and use the account switch drop-down to select the Organization. Based on your permission level, you will be able to browse, download, and upload packages, as well as manage collaborators, change settings, and billing information for that Organization.

Accessing Organizations via the command-line

You can use the Organization’s username in the Repo-URL for uploads and deployments, or with the --as option when issuing CLI commands. Please use your personal authentication token when accessing an Organization account.

Deploying packages

Deploying packages from an Organization account is no different than from a Personal account. You can use the authentication token from Account Settings and build a Repo-URL for your deployments. The deployment URL that you see in the Repos section of the Dashboard uses your personal authentication token – be careful sharing it, since it is meant to be used only by you (other collaborators can use their own tokens).

In addition to regular authentication tokens, Organization accounts support generating multiple deploy tokens that can be used to grant read-only access to the account’s repositories. Deploy tokens are ideally used when deploying packages and repos in servers.

Converting an existing Personal account

You may have already started using Gemfury with a Personal account and have populated it with packages and team members. Don’t fret, you will not need to start from the beginning.

You can convert an existing Personal account into an Organization while keeping all the packages and collaborators intact. If you choose to go through this process, you will see the following transformations to your account:

  • Change your account type into an Organization
  • Assign initial ownership to another personal account of your choice
  • Disable email/password access to the converted account
The conversion process cannot be reversed. Please make sure that converting your account is the intended course of action for your needs before proceeding.

During the conversion process, you can change the username and billing email of the account, but most importantly, you will choose the first owner.
You will be giving unrestricted access to the owner, while you will lose the ability to log in to this account directly.

The owner you choose needs to be another existing account - one of your colleagues or a new personal account that you have prepared to replace the converted one.

Organization accounts use the business pricing schedule, so you will need to update your payment plan once you convert your personal account into an organization. Like with any other plan change, we will prorate your payment for the remainder of the billing period and the difference will be factored into your next invoice.

Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about how Organization accounts can fit into your team’s development and release process.