Getting Started with Gemfury

Welcome to Gemfury’s Package Repository, a hosted service to securely store and deploy your private and custom code packages. Once you upload your code to Gemfury, you can use your account as an alternative repository and install using existing management tools.

Without further ado, here’s how you get started…

Step 1: Get an account

Sign up for a Gemfury account.

Step 2: Upload your packages

Go to your dashboard and click on the ”+Upload” button to upload packages. It will appear in your package list, once uploaded. You can also use cURL or Gemfury CLI to upload packages

Step 3: Install your packages

Gemfury supports a number of languages and packaging solutions, please select the guide below based on the format of the package:

Deploy your... RubyGems npm packages Python packages Composer packages
DEB packages RPM packages NuGet packages