Package archiving βeta

This is an opt-in feature. Enable it for your account via Settings → Features.

Gemfury supports archiving packages that you no longer use. Once a package or a version is archived, it will remain in your account, but will no longer be included in your repository index.

Thus, you will not be able to install it or see it in the respective package managers and other client tools. However, it will still be visible via the Gemfury dashboard, CLI, and API.

Archiving packages and versions

To archive, go to the version listing page of a package, select one or more versions and click the archive icon in the toolbar menu above the listing. Once all versions of a packages are archived, the package will be archived as well.

Archive button

To unarchive, similarly, select the versions and click the unarchive button in the toolbar. If at least one version of an archived package is unarchived, the package will be unarchived as well.

Unarchive button

Plans and quotas

Archiving doesn’t affect payment plan accounting.