Your Repository URL

The main part of your Gemfury account is the repository with your packages. Your private repository is accessible via a secret URL that you can use to install packages from your personal account or from accounts where you are a collaborator.

Please note that the private Repo-URL has two formats based on the compatibility and limitations of the packaging system you are using. Using the wrong URL may result in authentication errors or exposure of your private credentials.
# for RubyGems, PyPI, Composer, YUM/RPM, APT/DEB

# for npm, NuGet

Finding your Repo-URL

To find your Repository URL, go to Getting Started or the Repos sections on your dashboard.

Repo-URL in a Collaboration

If you collaborate on another account, you can access that account’s repository by using your personal secret token while replacing your username in the Repo-URL with the username of the other account:

Repo-URL by Language

Gemfury uses the User-Agent HTTP header to figure out which repository and set of packages to serve to the client. If you are having trouble with our auto-detection, you can replace with one of the following hostnames:

RubyGems PHP Composer
Node.js npm Blended npm
Python PyPI NuGet
Go Modules Maven

How secure is the Repo-URL?

All your packages and security tokens are transferred over an encrypted SSL connection. If you are interested in the details of Gemfury’s authentication model, you can read more about the security of a secret token in an URL.