Auto-versioning builds for PHP & Bower

Summary Change PHP and Bower package creation behavior to follow the Gemfury standard of always building a single package from the tip of the git push-ed master branch. Customers will still have the option to version packages explicitly or tag-based, where the package version will be created based on the SemVer-compatible Git tags. Motivation Since implementing support for PHP and Bower, we and our customers have identified the following deficiencies with the current implementation of the Composer and Bower package builder: 

Installing private PHP Composer packages

Once you have signed up for a Gemfury account, you can upload Composer packages via Git, and install them into your project via composer.json. Uploading packages After using one of many guides on the web about creating a Composer package, you can upload your creation to Gemfury. Please make sure that your composer.json details include the name of the package. Use the following command to add Gemfury remote repository to your package and upload the package to your account: