Distributing public packages

In addition to securely hosting private packages, Gemfury supports distribution of public packages without the need to share secret credentials or create download-only accounts. Each package in your account has an individual privacy setting to be marked as either private, so it is accessible only by the account collaborators, or public to be listed and accessible by anyone.

Uploading public packages

All packages uploaded to Gemfury are initially created as private. So to host a public package, you will need to subsequently update its privacy setting:

  1. Upload a package to your account
  2. Open your account Dashboard
  3. Select the package and click the settings button () in the toolbar.
    You can also click the privacy indicator icon () for that package.
  4. Confirm that you want to “Make package public.”

You package is now available on your public repository!

Keep in mind, all subsequently uploaded versions of a public package will also be public.

Your public repository

Your public repository is available at the following Repo-URL. Anyone can plug it into one of the supported package managers and install your public packages. This URL will also show the listing and details of your public repository via the web browser.